Say goodbye to mascara!

No one will guess that our lashes are not the real thing! Our talented, highly skilled stylists will enhance your lash line with the thickness you desire to create a look that is understated enough for the office and sexy enough for date night!


Volume lashes literally give the appearance of more lashes than you were born with! This technique created utilizing extremely fine extensions that are “fanned” out on each of your individual natural lashes. Still bonded 1:1 BUT each of your lashes gets anywhere from 2-6d extension fans that are hand made depending on what your lashes can handle. If you are looking for it all, then these lashes are for you!

Highly customized looks!

We carry a large selection of individual semi-permanent eyelash extensions and offer a range of eyelash extensions for you to choose from in a variety of materials, including Silk and Faux Mink. We also offer variations in thickness, length, curl and color for a truly unique, customized look.