Lash Extensions

What is the application process?

The process is simple; the payoff, surreal. From start to finish, it takes about two hours; you will be lying down for the entirety, and can listen to music or relax with an add-on service (see Services Menu) like a manicure or reflexology while the eyelash extension specialist works her magic. First, the specialist will apply a small piece of surgical tape to gently protect and constrain your lower lashes. Next, she will apply synthetic fiber lashes to your natural lash by dipping them one-by-one into a non-irritating bonding agent. The procedure is completely painless.

Will extensions damage my natural lashes?

No. Eyelash extensions are completely safe, even for contacts wearers. Unlike traditional false eyelashes, the bonding agent does not touch the lash line or eyelid, inhibiting growth. When you are ready to wear your natural lashes, simply visit Courtney Akai Lash Boutique for a removal service.

How long do they last?

Though the exact time varies based on the natural growth cycle of your lashes, six to eight weeks is the normal length of time that eyelash extensions last and look fabulous. Because lashes are naturally regenerating, regular touch-ups keep your extensions looking their best by replacing any strays that have fallen out as part of this cycle.

How do I care for them?

For the first 24 hours, avoid wetting your lashes to allow the glue to set. After day one, continue with your normal routine, but avoid harsh rubbing or tugging on the lashes. Thanks to the NovaLash Glue’s special formulation, you can use oil-based products, but should avoid direct lash contact with products that include glycol. And don’t worry: Courtney Akai Lash Boutique will give you a special after-care kit to make your life even simpler. The best part: you can finally toss your eyelash curler and mascara, as you won’t need either for extra allure.

What about overall look, length and colors?

Eyelash extensions create more drama than mascara, but still look fresh and natural. You’ll look bright-eyed, alert and refreshed all day. The extensions come in an assortment of lengths and are chosen by personal preference. A full set of extensions can lengthen your lashes up to 50% and will thicken them by 30 to 50%. Courtney Akai Lash Boutique recommends black or brown extensions, depending on your coloring and the effect you crave.

What is the difference between silk and mink lashes?

Silk lashes are heavier lashes, but are great for thickness whereas mink lashes are typically thinner, lighter and softer. Since mink lashes are thinner and lighter, they are best for achieving a more natural look.

Silk lashes are thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top. They are made to look more glossy and full. With these types of lashes, you can sleep with them, swim, sunbathe and play sports.

These lashes require very little maintenance and allow you to continue with your daily activities without worrying about them falling out. Lashes done by a professional can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on the life cycle of your natural lashes. If you are looking for the mascara look with glossy, long eyelashes – silk eyelashes are the way to go.

Mink eyelashes look more natural and are extremely lightweight. They are more matte than silk lashes. The Mink is acquired by carefully brushing and collecting the hair. The best mink lashes are Siberian mink lashes.

The only downsides to mink lashes are that they may lose their curl as time passes (a heated lash curler can remedy this) and if you are allergic to animal hair, you may experience an allergic reaction to the mink hair.

Volume/3d Lash Extensions

What is the difference between classic and volume lashes?

A classic lash extension is a method where one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. Classic lash extension is also known as a one-to-one lash extension and while this technique can help add length and thickness, it limits the stylist to the amount of natural lashes a client has. Therefore, classic lashes are great for a more natural look and are best for clients who already have a lot of natural lashes.

A volume lash extension (also known as Russian volume) is a method where more than one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. Volume lashes are thinner, lighter and use less glue during the application and this combination results in less weight on the client’s lashes while still reaching a fuller look.

The volume lash technique is also known as Russian volume or 2D volume lashes. 2D volume lashes refer to when two lash extensions are applied to an individual natural lash. Although known as 2D lashes, up to 6 lash extensions (6D) can be applied to one natural lash. You can also opt for Mega Volume which is 6D to 10D. Volume lashes are great for achieving a more dramatic look and also great for clients with fewer natural lashes.


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