What our happy customers say about us.

rachel ray
I inherited my mother’s short eyelashes. Thank goodness for Andra. She keeps me from having to put that glue and lash strip on daily. With my eyelash extensions, Andra makes it easy for me to look wide-awake and ready for daytime tv.
Rachael Ray, TV personality, author and cook
My experience at Courtney Akai Lash Boutique was incredible, from start to finish. One of my favorite aspects: reflexology during the eyelash extension process. By the end, my lashes looked amazing, and my feet (and body) felt wonderful, too!
I’ve been getting my lashes done for over a year and nobody can make them look as full and beautiful as Courtney! I wouldn’t trust anyone with my lashes but Courtney Akai Lash Boutique!
Kristi Goodhue, Account Executive Valentino/Missoni
I have been going to Courtney for eyelash extensions for over a year and a half. At first, I thought I would do the lashes for fun, but because of her incredible work I am addicted! I absolutely love my lashes and I get compliments everywhere I go. I think the ultimate compliment is when a makeup artist at a well known makeup counter tells me that she wishes that she had long, thick lashes like me! Courtney is a doll. With a smile on her face and warm demeanor, she takes customer service above and beyond any beauty service that I have received. She takes her time with all of her clients, and her goal is always to make the customer happy. I am so glad that I found Courtney, and I am thrilled with my beautiful, luxurious lashes! Thank you, Courtney!
Amy Holman, ESQ.
I have been a satisfied patron of Courtney Aki Lash Boutique for over 6 years. My stylist Andra exceeds my expectations on every visit! Not only is she amazingly skilled & knowledgeable, she provides a peaceful environment for my service. She counsels me on what is best for my lashes & has in depth knowledge of the science & technology behind lash extensions. In addition,
I service many celebrity clients as a nail artist & constantly get complimented on the work of her skillful hands! I've had multiple lash stylists over the past 10 years, but knew I found a permanent home when I met Andra & her amazing talent!
Pattie Yankee, International Celebrity Nail Artist CEO Patricia Yankee Products
Courtney Akai Lash Boutique are the best eyelash extension specialists I have ever been to in NYC. I feel so glamorous every time I leave the salon because my eyelashes look so strikingly beautiful. The amount of compliments I receive on my eyelashes is endless… I highly recommend the boutique to anyone that is looking for eyelash extensions.
Valerie Bisson, Senior Sales Executive, PRINT International
No one does it better! Precision application, amazing style and shape – The stylists here now what you need to give you that extra glam look. I get stopped everywhere I go – I love my lashes.
Lauren Branche, Carol’s Daughter PR
Courtney Akai is hands down the best lash extension artist in NY. She’s a total perfectionist, making sure every lash is perfectly placed. If you’ve never tried lash extensions, you’re missing out. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my eyes lately and love waking up and not applying mascara. The long, luscious lashes make you feel beautiful and glamorous. I’m hooked!
Erin Haggerty, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications Kellwood Company
It is a pleasure to be a client of Courtney Akai. Her sense of customer service knows no equal. She will do whatever it takes to have you leave her salon thrilled with her work. And work it is. Courtney takes great pride in her skills. Her eyelash extensions are the fullest, the longest-lasting and the most natural on the market. What Courtney offers is not just a service; Courtney offers a woman the chance to feel more beautiful, sexy and elegant.
I recently moved from Los Angeles and was interested in getting lash extensions. After having a few bad lash experiences in LA, I was a little skeptical but wanted to see what NYC had to offer. After doing some research of my own, a friend of mine referred me to Courtney Akai Lash Boutique. I have been going ever since!!! Wow! What a difference! I absolutely LOVE my lashes and receive compliments on them constantly! The stylists here are extremely knowledgeable, professional and, most importantly, reliable. They all take great pride in their work, and it shows! Thank you, Courtney Akai Lash Boutique!
Kristen Ericksen, Celebrity Fitness Trainer